The Martin's Pools,


Over the years St Martin's Pools has helped many people in many countries through the worst of droughts and education.  We can do this only with the help of those who support us in this needed work.  The Dominican Order in Ireland has been able to help those in far flung countries like India, Argentina, Paraguay Trinidad & Tobago and others due in part to the continued success of the Pools in Cork.


The people of the Pools are tireless volunteers and give of their time to help run and organise the draws each month.  As a Religious Community of Friars here in Cork we would like to thank them and you for all that you h ave doe for us and for the people of the missions.  When we talk of mission it is off people in those countries of South America, India, Africa that we think off.  These people need to be able to hear the Gospel message preached to them too.  The Pools has help many Dominicans in these places to build and grow a community of believers.